Trace & Sort The Vowels And Consonants With Cupcakes-Free Worksheets

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Find the Download option for Consonants and Vowels worksheets at the bottom of this article.

It is effective for learning to read using phonics. If you have a child age 4-8, you will have a good chance to come across the word ‘Phonics.’

Phonics involves learning the sounds of English letters and blending them together to pronounce and read English words.

Vowels and Consonants are classified based on the letter sounds. It’s time for our kindergartner to learn and practice these letters with all of these fun activities! Let’s go!

These worksheets would be ideal for introducing vowels and consonants for the beginner kids.

I have mentioned the classification of vowels and consonants along with tracing because writing impacts to grasp quickly.

Here are some more CVC worksheets for kids

Fill in the Middle Sounds:One of the best Activities for kids to learn CVC words by filling the middle sounds with the help of pictures

Make the CVC words – Dab It!!It’s more fun to make CVC words now with this Workbook. Kids can make CVC words on their own by dabbing the phrase.

Read & Match CVC words with Pictures:Kids can Match the CVC words with Pictures. Which is a good activity to recognize the words and at the same time it’s fun for kids to work with scissors. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the little hands while working with scissors!!

Unscramble the CVC short A words: One of the tricky activities for kindergartners is to unscramble the Short-A words.Which improves their focus on language skills

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Download Vowels & Consonants worksheets pdf here