Comparing numbers with fruits theme- Free worksheets

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Scroll down to download the free PDF for comparing numbers with fruit theme worksheets

In my opinion, comparing numbers is like an assessment test to check children’s counting skills.

When children get enough expertise in counting, the obvious step parents make them learn comparing the numbers, which is a basic introduction to this concept Greater and less.

Parents can teach this concept with daily examples or with household materials, and practicing with worksheets is another way to make them perfect and enhance their critical math solving skills when applied practically.

Quick tips for practicing the worksheets

You can start by merely downloading the PDF here.

To make it interesting for kids, I have filled these worksheets with fruits kids can count the fruits in each group and fill the circle with the correct symbol.

If your kids are kindergartners, the number line helps them a lot to check the numbers’ order to work it out efficiently.

In this way, kids get to know greater than less than and equal numbers promptly.

One more hard part children might face with the symbols. parents can assist with some easy techniques to make them remember the appropriate symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to

consistent practice let kids perform better with this concept

Download the Comparing numbers with fruits theme worksheets pdf here