Pre-school Opposites Printable Worksheets – Free

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Find the download option for preschool opposite printable worksheets at the bottom of this article.
Your preschoolers will love these opposite worksheets! They are full of fun pictures that will get them thinking for sure.


Learning the opposites is one of the basic concepts taught in preschool in many fun ways.

This time I have come up with a cool idea to teach opposites to your little preschoolers.

Kids can practice 16 different opposite words with the help of pictures on four different pages.

On each page, I have mentioned three opposite words. Parents can help them by reading the first word in each row the first word

Then ask them what’s the opposite of that word. If they don’t know, gently guide them with more questions or examples.

Then let them circle the opposite picture. If they want, they can color them too.

There are four pages included in this set of worksheets. You can download the pdf at the end of this article.

And feel free to use these opposite worksheets in your preschool or kindergarten class!

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Download the preschool opposite printable worksheets pdf right here

Look at the preview of the images down here.

Pre-school opposite printables|www.MoMsequation.c0m
Pre-school opposite printables|www.MoMsequation.c0m
Pre-school opposite printables|www.MoMsequation.c0m

Download the Preschool opposite printable worksheets pdf right here

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