Reading Comprehension worksheets for K & Grade 1 – Learn & Trace!!

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When kids are in kindergarten, they will learn to read the alphabet and small words. But it is crucial for kids to improves their reading skills when they are moving forward.

Teaching phonics is a good idea to improve their reading skills, and it also enhances your kids’ learning capabilities. Besides reading skills, good pencil control and handwriting skills are very important for their academic development.

These reading comprehension worksheets are kids friendly and allow them to read the words easily, but at the same time, parents’ assistance is important to help them read if they are having difficulty in reading the words.

Here are some English worksheets for kids

So get started by downloading the reading comprehension worksheets with just a click.

To grab children’s interest in reading, I have mentioned these worksheets about few interesting facts about animals, so kids can enjoy reading and also practice each sentence by writing it down.

These worksheets would be ideal for beginning readers, and kids can learn and spell the words regularly.

I have mentioned the reading comprehension worksheets with pictures, which helps them to understand better.

Download the Reading comprehension worksheets pdf  booklet here

I hope these worksheets are helpful for kids, and I will soon come up with many blending sounds worksheets.

Happy learning!!