Fruit Theme Number Coloring Pages – (1-10) – Free PDF Booklet For Pre-k

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Find the download option for Fruit theme Number coloring pages at the bottom of this article.

Kids will love learning their numbers with fruits while having some fun coloring these free printable number coloring pages!

For more number coloring pages and activities, make sure to get my Number worksheets here.

Ordinal Numbers worksheets : I guess your kindergartners enjoy writing and coloring numbers and a lot more. Now it’s time for them to learn the position of the numbers in a sequence we call it. as Ordinal numbers.

Comparing numbers with the fruit theme: In my opinion, comparing numbers is like an assessment test to check children’s counting skills.
When children get enough expertise in counting, the apparent step parents make them learn to compare the numbers, which is a basic introduction to this concept Greater and less.

Comparing numbers with fruits theme|

Sea Animals Counting Worksheets for kids: Counting is the most fun part of math, right!! So this time, I have come up with a new idea to cheer up the little kiddos!!

Numbers Coloring pages for pre-k: My kid always loves to do something different, even during play or learning. I guess your kids also love to work on something super cool, right !!
So keeping it in mind, I have made these worksheets to encourage kid’s interest in math.

Number Coloring Pages (1-10)

If you have a preschooler or kindergartner at home like me, they will enjoy practicing their numbers, and along with coloring the numbers, they will also get to know the fruit names. 

There are 10 Number coloring pages with the fruit theme; adding to this, kids can also practice tracing the Number names, which also improves their writing skills.

These worksheets are great for early math practice.

If your little one is starting to learn her numbers or you’d like her to strengthen her number sense, these number coloring pages will help.

That’s it!! Feel free to use my worksheets in the classroom or at home with your little ones.

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Fruit theme Number Coloring Pages - Download the PDF right here.

Have a look at the preview of the images right here

Number coloring pages(1-20)|
Number coloring pages(1-20)|

Download the Number Coloring Pages(1-10)