Identify Living & Non-living Things Worksheets

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Find the download option for  Living & Non-living things worksheets at the bottom of this article.

I know kids are so curious to learn science!! Especially our little kindergartners always love to explore different things they see around.

Compared to other subjects teaching science to my kid makes me comfortable.

Kids will learn a lot about science in the coming grades, but for now, let’s start with teaching living and nonliving things basic science.

Before you get started with these worksheets, give a touch base about living and non-living things to kids with the stuff around you.

Download the Living & Non-living things worksheets pdf right here

After the basic introduction about living and nonliving things, it would be easier for kids to complete this task independently.

These worksheets are kids friendly, and children can identify the picture and color the correct circle.

I hope your kids would love these worksheets. Happy learning!!