Beginning Consonants Worksheets -Free Printables

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Find the download option for beginning consonants at the end of this article.

Your kids and students will love to learn and identify the beginning consonants with these free printable Beginning consonant worksheets.

Children will love to identify the beginning consonant sound with the help of a picture and can color it.

Before getting started with these worksheets, here is a short description of Beginning consonants.

So let’s dive in because there is a lot to learn today!!

Beginning consonants:

The beginning consonant of a word is the beginning sound that is not a vowel(a,e,i,o,u).or we can say the words which start with consonants.

How to work on These Beginning consonants worksheets:

Includes three pages, and on each page, you will find a picture with two sounds accompanying each picture.
Kids can sound out each word with the help of a picture and then color the correct beginning consonant.
That’s it!! It’s so easy to complete the exercise, and coloring the pictures adds more fun to your homework.

It would be a great idea to teach kids about Vowels and consonants before you start with Beginning consonants.

Here are More Beginning sounds or blends worksheets for your kids

Read and trace 200+Beginning blends words Booklet:

These Beginning blends worksheet pack includes a 12-page booklet with an attractive poster.

The poster helps kids to learn very easily about consonant blends.

I have mentioned 20 blending sounds with more than 200+ words, where kids can read and trace each blending sound with a word, and a picture accompanied with each word will help them to learn better.

These Consonant blend worksheets are ready to go, so there’s no need for any extra work on your part. Just print and hand them out.

Cupcake theme Vowels and consonants activity worksheets: Vowels and Consonants are classified based on letter sounds. It’s time for our kindergartners to learn and practice these letters with all of these fun activities!

Beginning Digraph worksheets: Phonics involves learning the sounds of English letters and blending them together to pronounce and read English words. Teaching consonant digraphs would be more fun and straightforward.

Beginning consonant worksheets PDF - Free Download

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Beginning consonants worksheets|
Beginning consonants worksheets|

Download the Beginning consonants worksheets PDF right here

That’s all for today!! Hope kids will like this work.

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