Coding Robots For Kids-What You Need To Know?

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Why coding robot toys for kids?

In our fast-paced digital world, the little champs in our lives should learn at least the basics of robot coding. Adults who have not grown up in our tech era appear bemused at the thought of these sci-fi creatures, let alone them being able to assist in coding robots for their own kids.

Robots are an integral part of our lives. There are vacuum robots, robotic animals, spy robots, robotic toys for both girls and boys and even robotic limbs and medical aids. Everywhere you look, there is some kind of robotic being lurking in the shadows.

How do you get your kids into coding with coding robots?

Coding is an expression that computer programmers use when they need to instruct a computer or a robot and how to perform particular tasks that vary in complexity.

Learning a language allows children to better understand different cultures and the world around them. Kids learning about coding robots is similar. It allows them to communicate clearly and think strategically. 

Through analytical exploration and the Learning to understand technology, your child becomes a robot kid. Coding robots increase IQ levels and interest in science. Coding robots is key to exploring STEM education. 

Though creative investigation, experimentation and learning by endless mistakes, robot coding improves brain function and gives your child confidence and allows the combination of math and science to become really quite fun.

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Are there any good robots for coding that parents can understand?

In the digital age, coding is a literacy necessity and an essential life skill for your kid’s future.  Understanding coding at a young age prepares them for extraordinary career opportunities. 

Learning code allows children to understand that there are many ways to solve puzzles and follow and create instructions. It is your children that will become pioneers in toy robot coding.

All is not lost for parents who have an interest in coding robots for adults. Why not take classes and learn how to code robots together? Children that learn how to code have strong planning and logistical minds which can tend to improve strategic and problem-solving skills over time.

Understanding programming is essential in this world; stable careers, robot and future app designs rely on this knowledge. Coding robots for kids, students and adults is fun and allows everyone to have an understanding of this coding language through play and conversation. 

Best Coding Robot Toys for Kids:

Below are  the Best coding robots Toys for Kids currently on the market.

Recommended Age-For kids 5 years and up

Meet Botley, the friendly robot who teaches children how to code through interactive play by promoting analytical thinking and problem-solving across various STEM skills.

A handy remote programmer allows your child to take Botley through various obstacle courses, follow looping commands and traverse black-line paths. He even has some mysterious hidden features to unlock.

Botley is ready to code straight from the box. You’ll just need five AAA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver to get him, and the remote controller started. 

Within the box are detachable robot arms, lots of coding cards, double-sided tiles, obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with some coding challenges.

Recommended Age-For kids 3 to 8 years old

Qobo is a smart and interactive robot snail that teaches kids how to solve problems through active and inactive play. He’s got some cool moves, lights and sounds which are perfect for promoting cognitive competences. Innovative puzzle cards have infinite combinations which mean unlimited adventures and fun.

Qobo can be easily coded using the Robobloq Puzzle Cards that each have unique signs and meanings which he recognizes with his smart probe.

He is fun and educational and is usable straight from the box and charged with a Micro USB. Children code and guide Qobo through PC applications such as Scratch that allows them to simply drag and drop blocks into the program. 

Recommended Age-For kids 8 years and up

Dash is set to inspire your children’s minds to tomorrow. Dash is an incredible robot that comes to life across various interactive platforms on Apple or Android smartphones or tablets.

You can take Dash on hundreds of exciting coding adventures and grow in intelligence at the same pace as your child. Wonder is a revolutionary free app that kids can use to program Dash into their happy sidekick, robotic pet and best buddy.

 Kids can encourage Dash to move, dance, race, light-up, avoid obstacles, make sounds and even react to their voices. The app has built-in challenge tutorials. 

Children can play for up to five hours before having to charge Dash again. The box contains a USB charging cable and two building brick connectors to extend play with LEGO and LEGO Technic compatible bricks.

Dash is a suitably award-winning companion for your children having won the 2015 National Parenting Gold, Time to Play Magazine 2015 Holiday Most Wanted List, Opening Minds Innovation for Schools, ISTE Best of Show for Schools.

Recommended Age-For kids 8 years and up

Sillbird is a 12-in-1 robotic science experiment that enables your children to build various robots that move in different manners and are suitable for land or water.

 Entry-level robots are ideal for younger children, and higher levels are better for older kids. Kids will learn about green science and renewable energy because Sillbird is powered by the sun.

The 190 durable parts made from ABS plastic will teach your child more about engineering and mechanics, solving problems, the importance of teamwork, improve analytical thinking and help with self-confidence and home science, technology and math skills. 12 robot design instructions are included in the box.

Sphero Mini is designed to introduce children to entry-level robot coding at an early age and is the smallest programmable robot in the world.

This energetic robot is no bigger than a ping-pong ball and possesses its own personality and a whole host of cool features, exciting games and innovative tools that teach coding for robots.

 Kids can guide their Sphero Mini through space, tunnels and mazes with its built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, it is brightly colored with LED lights and interchangeable shells.

Sphero Mini is controlled by the Sphero app that allows joystick, tilt, slingshot, or Face drive when connected to Bluetooth.

Face drive is a comical new facial recognition feature that drives Sphero. Kids will see their coding translated into languages such as JavaScript. 

Recommended Age-Suitable for 8 years old kids

M Bot, as soon as the box is opened, allows children to improve their DIY skills and explore mechanics, electronics and programming as they build the robot.

Kids will learn about obstacle avoidance, how to follow lines and manual control through various games. They’ll also learn about electronics, robotic machinery and the fundamentals of block-based programming, which helps them develop rational thinking and design skills.

M Bot is made from high-grade Aerospace aluminium alloys and requires four AAA and CR2025 batteries to power the robot and remote control. M Bot is controlled through the m Block app for Apple and Android and a great way to learn programming in Scratch 2.0.

Smart robot car Elegoo, is a hands-on kit that teaches kids about electronic assembly, robotics for kids and programming. Elegoo has four modes to improve skills in obstacle avoidance, line tracking, infrared control and app use. The various modes will allow kids to explore how to load program and control the car. 

Elegoo is easy to assemble with the module interface that has XH2.54 ports, rendering instructions, all of the necessary programs and codes are included. 

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