Do you think Math is tough? Best Math Board Games For Kids & DIY Ideas

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If someone asks me what is the hardest subject you have ever gone through? No doubt, my obvious answer is MATH.
I am sure that most of you are on the same page as me.
But when the question comes to our kids !! parents would be quite happy if math is not their answer.
Math board games for kids  are one of the best approaches to make math easy and fun for kids.

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Why is math important?

There is a saying, “Math is the key to all sciences.” By this statement, we can understand how math plays a very vital role in every field.

Here is a bit of information on how Math impacts, especially when kids choose their career in technical occupations.

It’s impossible to pursue a career without calculus if your approach is to quantum physics and Astrophysics.

As we know, architecture and mathematics associated together and created the new world of engineering.
Especially Trigonometry and geometry, have their own importance to decide the angle of building orientation, along with dimensions of construction.

Statistics is the foundation stone for Data science. Algebra is quite often the heart of analysis itself.

Not in one field, math has its own role in most of the essential areas in terms of measuring and doing analysis.

It would be better if we explain to your kids why math is so necessary to build their careers and reach their goals.

Help your kids to follow math as a way of life rather than as a subject.

How to make math easy and fun for our kids?

Relating it to everyday life makes it easy?

I firmly believe that it’s not due to a lack of logical thinking that makes kids fall behind in math.
But, it’s their fear that makes them move away from maths.

Below are some approaches that make math so fun.
I think kids will be hooked with math.

Reading clocks:

The clock is one of the best teachers to introduce multiplication to kids if they are old enough

Counting objects:

Kids start their journey with math by counting, you have a lot of options to help your kids count.

Comparing prices:

Kids can learn additions and subtractions by comparing prices on your casual shopping to a grocery store.

Cooking with recipes:

kids can understand the concepts of quantities and measurements with this approach while they can spend quality time with parents or friends while baking.
I love to teach basic math to my daughter with baking.

Why Math Board games for kids?

There are many games and learning apps available in the market and the internet to teach math more effectively.
If you are more concerned about the screen time, maths board games would be a great option to pick for your little ones.
To make math more fascinating to your kids, you can be part of the play and stimulate communication and observational skills in young minds.

Today, we have rounded up the best math board games for you.Along with some DIY math board game ideas to do at home.

Also have a look at  coding board games for kids to introduce coding in easy way.

Make math fun with this DIY math board games for kids

If you want to add up more fun to learn math, create math board games yourself, and make your kids part of that.

So here I have a DIY math board game in steps focused
on basic additions and substractions

Materials required

Aim of this DIY math board games for kids

I created this board game to boost basic addition and subtraction skills for my kindergartner.

Here are the steps with clear pictures for making this board game for a kindergartner, make your kids as part of this project which fills with more fun

Step 1
Choose your fav color craft sheet
Step 2
Mark the numbers up to 20 randomly
Step 3
Use little hints instead of dice to spot a number as shown below
Step 4
All the fun starts from this point, ask your kid to pick a chit, spot the number by addition or subtraction

Represent the correct number with Legos


kids not only feel excited to play this game but also come to know the concept of probability.
For example 2+3=5,4+1=5,0+5=5

So there is a minimum of 3 chances of probability, to sum up, number 5.

Here are some best math board games in market

Recommended age: For kids 4 to 8 years old

Players- 2 to 4 

How to play this game?

Children will learn the basic addition and substractions by picking up and dropping off passengers on their race to the bus station.

Kids will get excited when their bus is loaded with 40 passengers,(cards) it is more fun to drive the bus with dice.

Finally, the winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally gets to the bus station. 

Recommended age: children of 8 years old and up

Players-2 to 4

How to play the game

Tri-Fact is the best maths board game to strengthen conceptual math thinking and increase the fluency of math facts in kids.

The triangle board and 100 number cards solidify the relationship between multiplication and division and make learning easier.

Recommended age: Children of 6 years old and up

How does it work?
This versatile board game can be used in multiple ways to enhance math proficiency in patterns, sequencing, kids can gain the ability to learn even and odd numbers as well.

Abstract math concepts can be easily taught with this 120 number math board game.

Recommended age: Children of 5 years old and up.

Players– 2 to 4

How to play?
Race to Planet X is not only a board game for math but also the best game to earn some parenting points for off-screen family time.
On their race to reach the planet X, younger minds will come to learn the fluency in their necessary addition and subtractions.

This amazing game is not only for kindergartners but ideal for the kids until second grade..

Recommended age: children of 5 years age and up

Players -2 to 4

How to play?
Sum swamp is one of the most excellent ideas of math board games they have come up with to engage kids in doing math.
Kids can pretend to be the funny swamp creatures by choosing their favorite markers and enjoying their journey through the swamp.

Children can make their moves by rolling the 2 number dice with 1 primary math symbol die (+,-), which is the turning point to learn additions and substractions.

Recommended age: Children of 6 years old and up

Players-2 to 6

How to play?
The concept of fractions is explained very well to kids with attractive pizza designs, which makes this the best board game for math.
It’s fun for kids to play the game with 13 double-sided pizzas by following instructions, which helps them better understand visual methods.
The probability of identifying fractions and matching fraction equivalents can be done in 7 different ways with this maths board game.

Hope this article helps you to create interest in math for kids and also refresh them with one more best offline approach as card games and create some fun environment at home.