Coding Off-Screen?? 5 Best Coding Board Games &Free Coding Worksheets for Kids

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Learning how to code brings out the inner geek that hides inside every being. Coding can be terrifying for some of the adults, so teaching children from a young age is vital to ensure that they don’t face the same horrors. 

Along with the best Coding board games, you can also download the Free Coding worksheets PDF for kids to give a Hands-on experience to code.

Exploring through playing and understanding coding games for kids is a fun way to start unleashing the secret nerd. The games are addictive, and the best coding board games for kids to teach coding are discussed later.

Bill Gates has amassed over $100 billion creating incredible coding for the Microsoft Corporation. Not only are kids coding game fun, but they are a great teaching aid and possibly the necessary inspiration to create child billionaires.

Why do kids need to learn Coding?

Coding is the term used for computer programming; it’s a process that computer programmers use to command a computer how to perform specific tasks.

Programming can be thought of as another language. Learning an alternative language allows children to understand the world around them, how to communicate effectively and think logically – what better way to learn than through investigative play with technology using coding games for kids.

Through experimentation, children improve their brain potential and learn through creativity and mistakes.

Kids coding games allow children to visualize abstract ideas and lets them apply mathematical equations to real-life situations. Suddenly, math becomes fun, and fascinating and coding games for preschoolers becomes cool.

Are there any good coding games for kids that non-techy adults can understand?

Children that learn to code have strong planning and logistical minds which can lead to improved strategic and problem-solving skills over time.

Understanding programming is essential in this world; stable careers and future app designs rely on this knowledge.

Coding board games for preschoolers are fun and lead children to understand this complex language through play.

In the digital age, coding is a necessary literacy basic and is a vital life skill for children’s futures. Understanding coding at a young age prepares them for career opportunities.

 Learning code allows children to understand that there is potentially more than one way to find solutions, even if it means starting again and following an alternative route; it will give them confidence and the ability to ask questions. Coding board games are an easy and fun way to learn.

What are the best ways to introduce coding to kids?

The best board games on the market teach coding to children as young as three years old. Products are being developed for a mobile generation.

Coding is relevant across all industries from app development, building a robot, creating music or becoming a doctor.

It’s essential through play and fun that children learn to approach problems with code in mind, and that they view it as a valuable and exciting skill. There are numerous games that aid children (and adults) to learn coding, including robotic toys, Mine craft and block coding.

Coding with Coding worksheets

These Coding worksheets give hands-on experience for kids to code and learn the concept of sequencing therefore enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Download the free PDF for coding worksheets (6 booklet) here

can coding board games stimulate kids skills?

Involving children in code and getting them stimulated is essential. Connect coding with daily living items such as  visual coding with Lego bricks and Java-script with Mine craft; kids logic will identify with these pairings.

Make it stick in their brains through playing games, talking about the subject or watching short age-appropriate tutorials.

Never underestimate the art of communication.

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below is the list of coding board games available in market

Join Oblivion, the white hat ethical hacking team who tirelessly defend the world against evil cyber criminals.

 Players act as coders, hackers or security engineers as they navigate through over 120 challenges of various complexities.

Direct agents to collect data chips whilst avoiding terrifying viruses and alarms and discover how a hacker can cause destruction to computer programs and learn how to ward off cyber criminals in the future.

Recommended ages: Boys and girls can have a fun time with this coding board games of 10 years and up.

A 3D board game that teaches basic algorithm and programming know-how. A transformable and educational board game where players navigate rovers over an uncharted planet by creating complex algorithms and deliver life samples to the lab that is fighting against thieving competitors.

The complexity of the game is easy to change, so they are ideal for various age ranges.

The two games highlight the importance of understanding the various elements of coding through the eyes of an evil hacker and a genius programmer.

 Both games are suitable for various ages and skill levels can be adjusted accordingly.

Players: 2 to 5

Recommended ages: This board game would be the best indoor play option for the children as young as 4 years old or for beginners who like to start with coding.

This coding board game gives the opportunity to the children to learn the basics of coding from their early ages

Kids can pretend as the fun coach of their robot turtle and can give inputs to the turtle to move in all the directions by playing code cards.

The budding coders can undo their move with a bug card if they make a mistake.

Finally, the player’s turtle with smart coding inputs will win the jewel.

Kids can have a lot of fun with family during holidays or school closures. 

PLAYERS: 2 to 4

Recommended ages: kids enjoy to see a funny mouse grabbing a cheese in cartoons, and they love to watch the picture books filled with this concept.

This board game is designed on the same approach to engage kids to be part of play.No doubt to consider it as the best coding game for preschoolers.

Kids can navigate their mice towards the cheese wedges by crossing the hurdles on the board using their coding inputs and critical thinking skills.

The mice which hold more cheese wedges at the end will win the game.

Code and go robot mouse is one of the best board games to teach coding also the best alternative to avoid screen time for kids.

If your kids are already gained basic skills in coding, code master can move them to a bit advanced level to learn the logic of programming.

Kids of 8 years and up can crack this adventurous game, can enjoy the play by coding their avatar to an exotic world on board to collect power crystals.

They have to use their logical programming skills to move their avatar in all 60 levels by using tokens and finally land at the portal.


Little coder is one of the best offline approaches to introduce coding to kids as young as 4  with simple action cards.

Parents or friends can also be part of this game and can help kids to learn the basics of prototyping and debugging.

Thanks to Rush hour game team for designing this coding games to juniors (5 years and up )as well.

 Kids can go through all 40 level brain teaser challenges to create a path for the ice cream truck to exit by sliding the vehicles back and forth. By using 15 blocking vehicles, and an ice cream truck, traffic grid.

They can also choose the appropriate challenge level from the provided 40 challenge cards

Finally, playing all the 40 levels turns kids from beginners to experts at the same time, enhance their coding skills.

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