Word-Building Worksheet Booklet For Kindergarten

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Find the download option for word-building worksheets at the bottom of this article.

Below you can find word-building worksheets, which are a crucial part of learning phonics.

These word-building worksheets are appropriate for preschool and kindergarten English language arts.

Soon we will craft many worksheets covering various aspects of this topic and many more. We hope you find them very useful and exciting.

Instructions for kids to work on these worksheets

irstly download the word building worksheets pdf with just a click.

Then you can find some pictures with empty blanks and we have also given letters at the bottom of the worksheets with the picture hints on each letter.

So If your kid feels building a word a little hard, then the hint on each letter helps them merge the word.

That’sThat’s it!! Now cut the letters carefully and match it to each picture and make a word.

It’s so fun to learn phonics right!! Then hurry up to learn phonics in a easy way.

Here are some phonics worksheets for kids

Montessori printables for -Phonics printable activity (off-screen activity). Letter matching pictures.(50 -page booklet)

Phonics printable activity!!

This book would be a great off-screen activity for kids from pre-k to grade2. And also, it might be a good initiative for Montessori learning.

Kids can have a lot of fun in matching the picture with the correct Alphabet.

We have given the key for the activity, but don’t forget to hide the key!!! while kids are doing the activity

What’s in this book?

This phonics matching booklet includes 50 pages, including coloring pages and a completion certificate.

How to do it?

Kids can cut the pictures from the picture pages, and then they have to match(paste) the picture to each appropriate Alphabet.

We have given 5 pictures to each Alphabet.

And we have provided the answer key for the activity but don’t forget to hide the key until your kid’s activity is done.

Download the word-building worksheets pdf right here

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