Skip Counting By ‘2’ s With Donut Theme – Free Worksheet Pack

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Find the download option for Skip counting Worksheets with Donut theme at the bottom of this article

Kindergartners learn Additions and subtractions easily compared to other concepts in Math.

Multiplication would be a little tricky for kids to understand; kids will get introduced to multiplying numbers in grade 1, but to make it easy for them, it’s better to teach them to skip the counting method, which is ideal for reaching the multiplication.

Skip counting by ‘2’s with pictures would help beginners understand the concept of multiplication.

Before you start with skip counting, it’s better to explain what a pair is?? for example, before I teach skip counting to my kindergartner, I asked my kid to pair the lego blocks from a pile; this helped her to understand the skip-counting concept in a practical way.

Here are some Math worksheets for kindergarten

That’s it !! after their practical approach, kids can easily work on the Skip counting worksheets by ‘2’s to make it more interesting for kids.

I have filled the Skip counting worksheets with different themes like Cupcakes, Donuts, and macaroons sound yummy, right !!

So download the Skip counting worksheets with just a click and help kids to learn how multiplication works.

Download the skip counting worksheets by ‘2’ s pdf right here

I hope these worksheets are helpful and will soon come up with many more ideas soon!!
Happy learning !!

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