Free sight words worksheets for kindergarten-20 Set

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Scroll down to Download the Free sight words worksheets PDF (20 + worksheets bundle)

There are numerous sight words to learn, but in this article, we have mentioned the sight words worksheets for THE, MY, YOU, ALL, IS IT.

And also Download the free PDF for sight words like WITH, WHAT, WHERE, AND, FOR, AT, UP,BIG, LIKE, CAN,

As we know, when kids move to kindergarten, they will learn everything a step advanced compared to preschool.

Children will improve in tracing the words, small sentences, and many phonic sounds.on their way to learning, a new topic pops up on the board nothing but SIGHT WORDS.

Introduce sight words for kids quickly without confusing the little minds; practicing with sight words worksheets is also the best way. Let’s get a quick overview of sight words .and the basic difference between sight words and phonics.

Download Sight words worksheets PDF for free-6 booklet 

Download Sight words worksheets PDF for the free-10 booklet 

Difference between sight words and phonics?

Phonics – A technique used for teaching the sounds of various letters (alphabets), and letter combinations represent (words) to young children. 

Children are always encouraged to sound out the words and alphabets they see. Tracing the beginning phonic sounds and words is also ideal for performing better.

Sight words-Sight words are usually short words that we use during a conversation or reading short sentences, books, or stories.

We can say it as a connecting word or a glue word used for a meaningful output.

What comes under sight words mostly?

Most of the parts of speech are often used as sight words like







Children will know about the sight words from preschool to grade3.kindergarten is the best platform to know about the basic sight words

Examples of sight words

I, see, the,my,at,about,and,of,you,what,where,big,play,little,went,etc

So sight words worksheets are one of the ideal ways to introduce and make children well about it. 

Happy learning!!

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  1. These were really great and fun-filled activities. My kids love them! :)) Thank you so much for these amazing worksheets.

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