Missing Numbers Worksheets with Christmas theme-Free pack

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Filling the missing numbers with Santa will cheer up your kids to do math fascinatingly.

Identifying and Counting are early learning skills to do the math. Kids will learn to count the numbers from an early age with different stuff.so we pour in a lot of ideas to make our preschoolers do their homework without pressure.

Filling the missing numbers would make them get enough expertise in counting 1-20 numbers.

And also, it enables them to know about the basics of sequencing.

If you are preschoolers, are still practicing to count, then no worry!! Below are some worksheets to help them count with their favorite objects.

so get started with these worksheets by merely downloading the pdf
I have filled with the worksheets many Christmas things to complete the sequence by filling the missing numbers.

Coloring the objects adds more fun to the task, so in these worksheets, I have given only up to the numbers 20.

I will soon come up with many amazing worksheets to help kids do the math.

Download Missing Number worksheets for free