Fill In The Beginning Sounds With Pictures – Free Booklet

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Find the download option for Beginning sounds with pictures worksheets pdf at the bottom of this article

Firstly, let me congratulate you on teaching your child phonics because phonics is the foundation for English.

I train my daughter in phonics, and it really helped her get reading up to speed.

So I think sharing these Beginning sounds with pictures worksheets with you which will definitely help your kids.

So get started with these phonics worksheets by downloading the PDF with just a click.

Every letter is accompanied by a picture, which helps children to understand and spell the word easily.

That’s it !! Fill in the box with the correct answer by seeing the picture and then tracing the word for kids separately gives more practice, which would be great practice to read and write the words at a time.

The coloring adds up more fun to the learning and makes kids not feel bored.

Along with these worksheets, you can teach your child phonics as an oral game and have a good time with your little one.

Here are some phonics worksheets for kids

Get started with the Beginning sounds with pictures worksheets by simply downloading the pdf.
 I have given the five pages of different themes that incline your kid’s interest to make this activity more interesting.

Download Beginning sounds with pictures printable for free right here.

That it!! I hope that your kids will definitely like this activity in learning the phonics, and there are lots of phonics worksheets to have a look on.

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