(A-Z) Animals Alphabet Coloring Pages – 26-page pdf

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If you struggle to keep your kids busy during this summer holidays, these A- Z Animals Coloring pages might be perfect for keeping the little hands busy.

I am so excited to share these free printable A-Z Animals coloring pages with you today!!

I worked hard the past two days designing this 26-page ABC Animal coloring page, and I am glad to share it with you.

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Free printable A-Z Animals alphabet coloring pages - 26 pages

You will find a coloring page for each letter of the alphabet. Altogether 26 pages!

If your preschoolers are currently working on learning the alphabet and especially animals, then this book would be a great companion for them.

The most exciting thing about this book is kids will find an animal for each letter, and they can color the animals and trace the animal name.

Which makes them improve their writing skills too.

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How can I use the A-Z Animal alphabet coloring pages book differently?

  1. Use them as posters in your classroom, print them out as an animal coloring book or work on them one at a time throughout the year.
  2. I turned this book into a fantastic mini coloring book for my kids to use on long car trips or plane rides – change your print settings to two- four pages per sheet. And staple the pages. That’s it; your cute mini coloring book is ready.

Download the A-Z Animal alphabet coloring page pdf here

Here are the preview of the images 

A-Z Animals Alphabet Coloring pages|www.MoMsequation.com
A-Z Animals Alphabet Coloring pages|www.MoMsequation.com
A-Z Animals Alphabet Coloring pages|www.MoMsequation.com

Download the A-Z Animals Alphabet coloring pages pdf right here