correct the sentences – Grammar worksheets for kindergarten

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Please find the download option for Correct the sentences worksheets pdf at the bottom of this article.

Are your kids super excited about learning the language skills? Then these correct the sentence worksheets are for you!!

I know language skills are essential from the age of kindergarten. and kids will start learning how to build the sentences and journal writing etc from this age.

So by keeping it in mind, I have made these worksheets to help kids to improve their English skills.

And along with that, kids will come across many important concepts starting from their kindergarten. For example, my little kindergartner loves to write journals guided by her teacher.

She faced little challenges while getting started with journals. No worries!! I will make it easy for you.
To start a journal, kids should put these basic points in their minds.

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Journal writing success criteria for kindergarten

Here is a checklist that kids should keep in mind before getting started with journal writing

  • I have included the date
  • I have started with an appropriate sentence starter (did rephrase the question?)
  • I use capital letters to start my sentences.
  • I use periods (.) to complete my sentences (where appropriate).
  • If I am printing, am I using finger spaces between each word?

So if it seems a little overwhelming to your little one, don’t worry!! Let them get started with correct the sentences worksheets which might work as a great start to improve their writing ( journal) skills.


look at the preview of the images below

correct the sentences|
correct the sentences|

Correct the sentences – How to work on it!!

Correct the sentences download is easy, and all you’ll need to have at hand are the most common school supplies.

You will need

  • Correct the sentences worksheets PDF – download at the end
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil
  • Eraser

This activity can be ready in just a minute or two. You’ll have your kiddos learning in no time!


Correct the sentences worksheets pdf 

Download these Correct the sentences below. Just click on the link under here, save your PDF, and print when you’re ready.

Download correct the sentences printable for free-right here

I hope you’ll find these English worksheets helpful!

Enjoy your learning!!

Please, remember that these correct and trace the sentences worksheets are for personal, non-commercial use only. Thank you!


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