37 Word Families Posters For 1st And 2nd Grades-Free PDF

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Find the download option for word families posters at the bottom of this article.
Hey there!!

Are you ready to take on the challenge of mastering 37 word families? It’s time to become a spelling and reading ninja!
Word families are groups of words that have the same ending sound.

Knowing these word families can help you learn new words quickly and become a better reader and speller.

In this fun and interactive journey, we will explore 37 word families together. Get ready to play games, make connections, and have fun while you learn!

So put on your thinking caps, and let’s get started!

But before you get started to learn about the word families, it might be a great idea to go through these word families posters to be familiar with them.

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Different fun ways to teach word families to kids:

Whether you are a student learning a new language, a teacher looking to help your students improve their literacy skills, or simply someone who wants to enhance their understanding of language, word families are a valuable tool to have in your linguistic toolkit and here are some ideas to teach word families for kids

  1. Word Family Bingo: Create bingo cards with different word family endings (e.g., -at, -an, -ack) and have kids match the words on their cards with words you call out. The first to get a full row of matches wins!
  2. Word Family Sort: Print out words from each word family and have kids sort them into the correct group. You can use pictures to help them make the connection between the words and the sounds.
  3. Word Family Slap: Write words from different word families on sticky notes or cards and stick them to the wall. Call out a word family ending and have kids “slap” the correct word family with a fly swatter or their hand.
  4. Word Family Charades: Have kids act out words from different word families while their classmates guess which family the word belongs to. For example, for the -at family, they could act out a cat, hat, or bat.
  5. Word Family Memory: Print out two sets of words from different word families and play memory match. Kids have to find pairs of words with the same ending sound.

Download the word families posters PDF under here

Here are the preview of images

Word families poster for 1st and 2nd grade
Word families poster for 1st and 2nd grade|www.MoMsequation.com
Word families poster for 1st and 2nd grade|www.MoMsequation.com

Download the word families poster right here

Hope these posters are helpful!! I will soon come up with more interesting worksheets for your little champs.
Happy learning!!