Pattern worksheets for Kindergarten & preschool-Free colorful booklet PDF

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Find the download button for pattern worksheets at the bottom of this article.
I guess your kids are working on patterns, maybe with playing blocks or with a chessboard or with a piece of construction paper.

A chessboard is a perfect example to teach kids about the basic pattern, which I always love to do with my little one.

Pattern worksheets are among them, not only fun but also stimulating your child’s logical thinking skills.

I have mentioned shape patterns for kids with attractive colors because visual aids help kids to learn quickly.

These worksheets are an amazing source to introduce the concept of pattern to kids with shapes and colors.

Download the PDF for 6 worksheet booklet for patterns here.

What will children get to know with the pattern worksheets?

Children will know the basics of sequencing; preschoolers will take a bit of time to identify what’s next in a sequence, .but regular practice will make them do it on their own.

So train your child to think logically one pattern at a time.

Copy and color the patterns worksheet works as a brain exercise for kids, and they will learn to make and color the shapes on their own.

Size patterns worksheet allows them to identify color and shape and the sizes of the shapes.
so get started with these colorful worksheets and improve their math skills.

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