How To Choose GPS Tracker for Kids

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Check-out the below video for must-have features in GPS tracker for kids before buying!

As a Parent, we are concerned about our children’s safety all the time. Even for an attentive parent it may not be possible to pinpoint their kids every second.

The growing crime rate and child abductions these days make us feel more worry When kids step out the thanks to GPS trackers ! which allows parents to give freedom and protection at the same time to our kids.

What do you think about using a GPS tracker for kids?

I know there is a lot of argument about whether parents should use GPS trackers to track their kids. Some say it’s invasive, not a good idea to track kids considering child privacy.

Even I would say ‘NO’ if your intention is to track every movement of your teenager, and it creates a negative impression in their mind.

But, it is also crucial to ensure kid’s safety considering the increasing number of cases like child abduction, child trafficking, etc. The GPS tracking device will help you keep an eye on your children even when you are not there with them. I think children love the idea that they can always reach you when needed by pressing the SOS button on their GPS tracking device.

If your child is a teenager, it’s also essential to educate them about the benefit of GPS trackers and making sure that they trust you.

How to choose the best GPS tracker for Children?

There are many GPS trackers in the market, different devices with different features. We should narrow down the devices based on features to match our requirements.

In my opinion, the following are the primary features we need to look for before buying.

Ease Of Use: we need to make sure that the device is easy to use for a small child. Many devices come with a mobile app for parents to track. Along with the device, check that the mobile app is also user friendly.

Design & Comfort: One of the most significant factors when it comes to keeping it with your child, making sure the child isn’t tempted to remove it at any time. Having trackers on their belt buckle, backpack, shoe, or wrist is the best option. It is essential to look for devices that have adjustable straps if it’s a wearable device like a watch.

SOS/ Panic Button:  Most of the best GPS tracking devices come with this feature. Whenever your child is in trouble or needed your attention, they can reach you just a button away.

The only issue I would see with panic buttons is that, if your child is too young to understand they may fiddle around with it and cause your phone to get spammed with notifications. However, it must-have features in GPS tracking devices.

Two way calling: This feature helps you to communicate with your child, and the same way your child also can talk to you when needed.

Most of the GPS devices come with two way calling features. First, you need to configure the list of pre-approved contacts in the device; other than those numbers, it will reject the call to ensure the security. For sleepovers, events, trips, and waiting after school, these units will be super helpful.

Battery Life: As we know, long battery life is crucial, especially for GPS devices. If the battery runs out, we cannot track the child. In my opinion, the battery should last at least 24 hours.

Geofence:  Geofence is one of the most useful features when it comes to GPS tracking devices. You can present safe-zones in your child’s GPS device.  For example, your child’s school, day-care, or friend’s places, etc. you will receive a notification whenever your child enters or exits from safe zones. You can also receive if your child is entered into unknown terrain.

Most of the devices have the option to set-up unlimited safe-zone with geofence features.

Durability/Quality: I came across many GPS devices which are not at all durable, and most of them are made with cheap plastic. Make sure you check what the type of material used, and the device is waterproof or not.

Most of the GPS trackers or services are country-specific. make sure that the service is available in your area/country