Best GPS Tracker for kids in India 2020

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The increase in child abduction cases these days make us worry when kids step out from home. Thanks to GPS trackers! it allows parents to give freedom and protection at the same time to our kids.

Below are few best GPS trackers for kids available in India.

Trakbond Trail GPS Tracker for Kids

The Trakbond Trail is a GPS tracker device specially designed for kids and equipped with some nifty features like Unknown area alert, help button, live tracking, and many more. 

A small and easy-to-use smart tracker that works with a user-friendly Trakbond App. The app lets you see your little one’s location on a live map. 

Parents can easily see whether the child has boarded the school bus or reached his day-care center all in a live map, directly on their smartphones.

You can track multiple devices that you own, all under one single account. Any alerts can be quickly received through in-app notifications, making real-time tracking possible, even without accessing the app.

Trakbond Trail GPS tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM card that works all over India. You’ll get a 2-months free subscription, and after that, you can choose any of their prepaid plans as per your needs.

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Below are the Major Features

source: Trakbond

Real-Time Tracking: The GPS locator will show the exact position of your kid on a live map right on your smartphones or tablets. Stay connected with your kids when you are not with them.

Safe-Zone Alert: Receive alerts when your child enters or exits from a predefined region, and also for unexpected location change. Create multiple numbers of safe zones and receive notifications via text and in-app alerts when your little ones enter an unfamiliar location. Set an unlimited number of safe-zones for familiar areas such as Home, School, Park.

Panic Button: Know instantly if your kids need your help in case they face some difficulty or trouble. The panic button empowers your child to send you prompt alerts with their exact location right on your smartphones or tablets.

Tiny GPS Tracker: Keep it in your kids’ backpack, attach it to their clothing or securely keep it into their pocket- this Kid’s GPS tracker is so light in weight that it can fit anywhere and your kid would carry it with ease without even noticing it.

Care Group: Add your close relatives, friends, babysitters, and neighbors to receive your child’s location alerts and other relevant notifications directly on their mobile phones.

School-Friendly Design: Built-in a kid-friendly design, the tracker doesn’t make any sound or have a screen that makes it ideal for school-going children. Thanks to its ultra-modern look, your kid would surely love to wear it in school, park, or on various outings like field trips or vacations.

Lost Proof Tracker: Whether your kid is going to after-school activities or any trips, now you don’t have to worry about giving costly gadgets to your kid. You’ll be easily able to track your device’s location even if your child has lost it somewhere.

Indoor Tracking: With Trakbond GPS tracker, you can see the location of your child indoors by enabling the inbuilt LBS. Though LBS has inaccuracy from a few meters to hundreds of meters depending on cell tower density, you can still get a rough idea of your child’s location even when they’re indoors. Works indoors using cellular tower positioning or LBS with an accuracy of +/-10s – 100s meters.

Abductor Proof Tracker: A GPS tracker with no power-off button so that abductors or kidnappers cannot switch it off physically, GPS tracker can only be switched off only when the battery is fully drained.

All India Coverage: Equipped with a pre-installed SIM card that works nationwide along with 2-months free subscription plan. The subscription plan includes unlimited data usage, SMS alerts, Trakbond app, after-sales support, and other benefits

Compatibility: Trakbond trail is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Battery: Trakbond trail is equipped with a 3.7V 600 mA/H Lipo battery and comes with a 110-220V compatible charger.

Trackme Kids GPS Smartwatch

Trackme Kids smartwatch designed for kids age 5 to 14 years, the watch comes with essential features like Two-way calling, Geo fence, SOS Emergency, and Remote Monitor.

It Helps You To Be In Touch With Your Children And Locate Them With The Inbuilt GPS Tracker On Google Maps. It Functions As A Mobile Phone Allowing Children To Call The Preconfigured Set Of Numbers. The most important part is, it automatically disconnects calls from the number which are not configured in the device.

It also has features like anti-Dropped, Low Battery Alarm, Take Off Alarm And With The Special Tamper-Proof Strap.

Micro Sim Card Is Required (Supported Major Networks in India, check out the product specification before buying)

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