Common Nouns Worksheets For Grade and Grade 2-Freebie

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Find the download option for the Common Nouns worksheets -Freebie at the bottom of this article.

This Freebie Includes three worksheets Common Nouns under person, place, and Things.

Hey there, cool cats of Grade 1! Today, we’re going to have a blast learning about common nouns. Yeah, you heard me right—nouns can be pretty awesome too! So, grab your shades and let’s dive into the world of common nouns together. Get ready for a groovy time!

So, what are these common nouns, you ask? Well, they’re the everyday words we use to name regular stuff. You know, like the stuff you see and use all the time. They’re not the fancy-schmancy ones, but they’re super important!

Let’s check out some examples of common nouns. Picture this: you’re in your classroom, doodling on your desk (shh, don’t tell your teacher!). The word “desk” is a common noun. It’s something we use every day. Oh, and how about “book”? Yep, that’s another common noun. Books are everywhere—your textbooks, storybooks, coloring books, you name it!

Now, let’s take a look at some places. How about “park”? Yeah, that’s a common noun too! You love going to the park to swing on the swings, slide down the slide, and have a blast with your friends. Oh, and don’t forget “school”! It’s the place where you learn, play, and make awesome memories.

But hey, it’s not just things and places that can be common nouns. People can be too! Your teacher, your friends, your family—they’re all common nouns. They’re the cool people in your life who make every day a little more special.

Now, here’s a fun game we can play together. Let’s look around the room and find as many common nouns as we can. Look at your toys, your favorite snacks, your clothes—anything you see can be a common noun! Shout them out and let the noun party begin!

Remember, common nouns are all around us, in our everyday lives. They’re the words that make our world colorful and exciting. So, keep your eyes open and your nouns flowing!

Common worksheets for Grade 1 and grade2- Premium Booklet

This Common Nouns worksheets booklet includes a total of 15 pages with an Amazing poster classifying different common Nouns.

Kids can read and trace the Nouns, and a picture accompanied with each will help them understand better.

At the end 

“Noun Storytime”: Now it’s time to get creative! In this worksheet, you’ll be the author of your very own noun-filled story. You will find empty spaces for you to write sentences using nouns. 

Noun Hunt”: prepare yourselves for an epic noun hunt, my clever grade 1 pals! Take the worksheets with you and hunt the Nouns you find around.

Download the Common Nouns worksheets freebie underhere

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Common Nouns worksheets|
Common Nouns worksheets|
Common Nouns worksheets|

Download the Common Nouns Worksheets for Grade 1 right here

Alright, my awesome Grade 1 pals, you’re now experts in the world of common nouns.

You’ve rocked it! Keep using those common nouns in conversations, stories, and even dreams. And remember, the world is full of common nouns waiting to be discovered, so keep exploring!

Keep being amazing, keep being curious, and keep on noun-ing! You’re all superstars, and the world can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your nouns. Have a totally tubular day! Catch you on the flip side!

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