36 Action Verbs-Learn & Trace Worksheets For K,1,2 grades

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Hello everyone!! please find the download option for Action verbs worksheets pdf at the bottom of this article.

Children will come across many new English concepts when they move to other grades. When it comes to Action verbs, kids will use the verbs all day during conversations with parents, friends, and others. 

For example -My kid says, “I am reading, ” reading is a verb in this statement. My task is to help her identify and teach the verb and How important it is to form a structured English communication sentence.

So here are some ways to teach kids about Action verbs. 

There are different types of verbs in English, but teaching all of the verbs in Kindergarten might confuse the little ones, so it’s better to explain to kids what a verb is and let them identify it with simple, fun examples. 

What is a verb for kids?

A verb is an action word in a sentence that describes what a subject does. Or, in simple terms, let’s say a verb is an action.

Like eat,drink,play,swim,teach etc.

You can refer to these verb worksheets with 36 action verbs to help kids understand the verbs with pictures.

It’s better to get started with Nouns first. 

If your kids are kindergartners or beginner learners for parts of speech, it’s ideal introducing Nouns first and then Verb because verbs often come next to nouns in a sentence.

you can teach verbs with the help of pictures or with oral games; for example, ask your kid to draw a picture and explain to them drawing is an action, so its a verb 

Customize Name tracing practice sheets for kids

Encourage kids to write a line about what they are doing after kids write the statement and help them identify the action word in that sentence.

There are numerous ways to explain to kids about the Action verbs and nouns in simple ways or using daily examples.

I will come up with verbs with tenses worksheets soon.

Download Free PDF booklet for Action Verbs worksheets 

I hope Action verbs worksheets are helpful for the little champs. Happy learning!!