Read, Trace & Match the Weather Words- Free Pack

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Find the download option for weather words worksheets at the bottom of this article.

I know kids are so curious to learn science!! Especially our little kindergartners always love to explore different things they see around.

Compared to other subjects teaching science to my kid makes me comfortable.

Kids will learn a lot about science in the coming grades, but for now, let’s engage them by teaching them about weather and weather words.

Teaching about the weather is pretty cool for kids as they daily feel it.

Bcz kids can easily identify, and they have good oral skills in saying what type of weather the day is !!

But when coming to vocabulary, kindergartners need to work a bit hard.

So I have mentioned the weather words with pictures, and at the same time, you can laminate the weather chart included with the worksheet pack to reuse it.

Kids can read and trace the weather words, and the weather match activity helps parents to access their little ones.

Before you get started with these weather words worksheets, ask your kids about the weather and warm up their minds!!

You can also play a small game asking kids to identify the weather with flashcards.

That’s it !! Now it’s time for your kids to learn the weather words and color some pictures!!

These worksheets are kids friendly, and children can identify the picture and learn the word without pressure.

Download the Weather words worksheet pack here

I hope your kids would love these worksheets. Happy learning!!