Do you think “Digital Marketing” is just a buzzword? What is it?

In this digital era, we keep hearing  these words, “Digital Marketing”. Is it something important for business? 

Here I would like to enlighten what Digital Marketing is? And how it is helpful for business in this internet first era.

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Topics Covered in this article

  • What is a digital marketing and why should you choose digital marketing?
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing
  • CATT marketing funnel
  •  Integrated digital marketing
  •  Personal branding     

If you are a hooked internet user, I am sure you have come across digital marketing directly or indirectly. 

Digital Marketing is essentially a strategy or combination of strategies used to market the product or service in this internet world. 

If you are thinking of selling a product or service of yours or someone else’s, It is for you. Keep reading. 

I am sure, knowing the value of Digital Marketing will give you significant clarity and you will understand how digital marketing’s magic turns potential customers into your trustworthy customers.

So let me get in-depth about this vast subject and few related concepts of digital marketing to help you out if you are unaware of that.

I know you are running short of time to read this pack of words. So to break your boredom to read this article, here are few examples with images. It explains the concepts which make you understand easier visually.

Fundamentals of digital marketing include:

fundamentals of digital marketing|

Content marketing:

Content Marketing is the essential form as nothing can drive user attention compared to the idea or knowledge, which mainly influences. 

It is the strategy focussed on creating and distributing relevant and valuable information to the appropriate audience. 

Instead of pitching your products or services, you will provide genuinely relevant and useful content to prospective customers. 


  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Better customers who have more loyalty

Social media advertising:

Social media advertising is a practice of online advertising on social media networking channels. You can promote your products to specific targetted people who are potential buyers through social media platforms.

Search engine optimization/SEO:

Search engine optimization is a continuous process to improve your website’s visibility on organic means unpaid search engine results pages. Because when potential customers are looking for products or services online at any time, usually, the customers will likely google it first to be found among millions of search engine results, so your website must be optimized for the search engines.

Search Engine Marketing:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a method of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. We generally use SEM to refer to paid listings, with the longer-term search marketing used to encompass both SEO and SEM. Below are the most commonly used terms to refer to SEM activities:

  • Paid search advertising
  • PPC (pay-per-click) 

Email marketing:

Email marketing has been there for a while, but it is still one of the great marketing strategies to sell products or services in this digital age. You can create a whole lot of automation with email funnels and target the potential buyer.

Why should you choose digital marketing?

Digital Marketing quickly reaches to where we need it and where we spend our time and money.

It helps in enhancing the functioning of even small businesses and ease their growth. Digital Marketing is a platform where the user can directly compete with the competitors equally.

It is more specific and more targeted to the requirements of the business.

Digital marketing has a lot of advantages, here are few 

  • Reach only targeted audience, spend the marketing budget wisely.
  • Better ROI for your investment 
  • Its access you to connect with internet users 
  • Better conversion rates
  • Builds communication with customers
  • Allows for 24/7 marketing
  • Ideal For Small business and budding entrepreneurs
  • Cost friendly
  • Builds trust in customers
  • Personal branding

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is nothing but advertising your product without online; it’s entirely spun when it comes to digital marketing.

Both the form of marketings have advantages and disadvantages. I have listed a few of them below for each type of marketing.

Before we are going to discuss more, let’s have a look at various channels of both marketings.

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing|

Pros and cons of Traditional Marketing


  • Reach masses. It’s suitable for generic products where businesses want to reach a mass audience irrespective of a specific targeted audience.
  • People are accustomed to traditional newspapers, magazines, and related sources of conventional marketing. It is an excellent way to increase brand value.


  • It is more costly compared to the digital one
  • It is hard to measure the results 
  • Less scope of direct response marketing, it means the probability to contact your audience is shallow.
  • It reaches only a local audience with significant channels like newspapers and magazines. 

Pros and cons of Digital marketing


Direct reach to specifically targeted segments, no need to spend money targeting irrelevant audience. 

The results can easily be measured

A great option for direct response marketing

Allows to market the product by running digital ad campaigns

You can build trust with customers with strong communication channels

Cost friendly.


Spammers, some time audience cannot trust due to growing spammers in the internet world. 

It would not be the best option for the people who still prefer the live interaction with the product like physical properties

Keeping up to date, sometimes contained in the emails or blog posts, gets old by the time customers react to it. 

Can lose the customers with poor website maintenance during the purchase of a product

Difficult to find the spammers

What is CATT funnel:

So far, we get to know what digital marketing is and how it is significant these days to market a product.

CATT represents structural planning to advertise your product and outreach to lots of potential customers.


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The selection of niche plays a very crucial role in writing and marketing your content. Info -graphics and pictures, videos add up more customers to read and create interests in your blog posts.


When you have done your content writing, the next step you should focus on how to drive more customers to your website then to increase your conversion rate

It can be done by various channels like 

  • Blogging/SEO
  • Paid advertisements
  • CPC 
  • Social media advertising etc


Suppose you have gained the attention of your customers by Ads or other sources. Congrats! You have reached halfway in winning the customer.

So now, turning your potential customers to trustworthy ones is a bit challenging task. Communication and continuous interaction with to be customers will convert them to real paying customers. This can be achieved by sending personalized emails, direct response marketing, popup chats, etc.


The probability of more conversions leads to real success. That is the transaction phase. The proper planning of content, attention, trust leads to sales.

You can trace your ideal customers within this segment. You can re-target them to will the potential customers and increase the sales

Integrated digital marketing

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Integrated digital marketing is nothing but collaborating all your digital marketing channels or sources in a structured way. Integrated digital marketing helps to reach infinite audiences proportionally to acquire a better conversion rate.

The best example of integrated digital marketing is Digital Deepak’s internship program.

The heart of this integrated DM is content marketing, which drives customers through different channels like social media, Blogging, Content marketing, and paid advertisements.

Then with email marketing, build trust with customers leads to conversions.

Personal Branding

I can say personal branding is a friendly battle between you and your company, reflecting you as a known brand more than your company.

Couple of Examples for personal branding

Digital Deepak is an example of personal branding because people recognize him more than his business or brand.

Warren Buffet is the best example of personal branding in the field of the share market. He is also a significant influence on people who want to invest money in the market.

Elon Musk is an excellent example of personal branding. He has a significant following, and people ready to use all the products form his companies, like Telsa Cars.

There are a lot of people who created them as personal brands in the public domain.

Just to recap what we discussed, digital marketing is nothing but powerful marketing strategies by targeting a selective audience and increasing sales conversion. 

Growing internet users helps small and medium-sized companies, along with giant companies, to promote their products. 

You can even promote your products or service with minimum marketing expenses and gain high sales.

Do you have more ideas to promote products? Post your thought below in the comments.

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