Counting Syllables worksheets-phonics activity free pdf

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Please find the download option for syllable worksheets pdf at the bottom of this article.

Your kids will love this syllable count activity while strengthening their phonological awareness.

Children will practice one, two, three, and four-syllable words.

They might feel interesting in doing this activity. So download it without any delay with just one click.

Before getting started with syllable, it’s important to teach kids about syllables.

Syllables are among the first reading skills your child will be exposed in the concept of phonics.

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What’s in this pdf??

You’ll find total of seven pages in this printable activity with a total of 42 words to practice counting syllables.

Each page includes examples of one, two, three, and four-syllable words.

First, let your child say the words aloud and clap the syllables. Help them if they need some guidance.

Look At The Preview Of The Images Below

counting syllable phonics activity|
counting syllable phonics activity|

Then they will practice number recognition, too, as they will have to color the corresponding number.
It’s a simple but very effective way to work on pre-reading skills in young children.
And take this activity even further!

You can easily practice counting syllables in words you and your child encounter throughout the day.

To download, go to the end of this article and get your pdf there.

counting syllables worksheets pdf

Download these Counting syllables worksheets pdf below. Just click on the link under here, save your PDF, and print when you’re ready.

Download counting syllables worksheets free printables

I hope you’ll find these English worksheets helpful!