Best 3D Pens For Kids- What You Need To Know Before Buying

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As we know, 3D printer works by converting the digital model into a physical 3D object. Now, this technology is handy to use with the 3D pens. In this article, we put together the best 3D pens for kids and adults. Check the below video to know more about 3D pens

Pens are turned out to be gadgets with 3D technology.

I can say its a big brother of a regular pen! lol!


Along with adults, kids are more excited to use this 3D pens to create their own toys and favorite cartoon characters, DIY projects, and more.

So before choosing the best 3D pens, let us know a bit about these 3D pens.


How does a 3D pen works?

A 3D pen is like a handheld 3D printer. But if you prefer a print with more precise, it’s better to use a 3D printer instead of a 3D pen.

A 3D pen uses plastic filament to work similarly to the ink in a normal pen, and a 3D pen supports 2 types of plastic filaments usually. PLA and ABS filaments are most commonly used.

When we insert a plastic filament from one side of the pen, the plastic filament melts with the help of heat, and it forced to come out from the tip of the nozzle or extruder.

Once the melted plastic is at the tip of the nozzle, it is very soft, and you can make the desired drawings.

Uses of A 3D Printing Pen?

3D pens can be used in multiple ways to create drawings, objects, designs, you can personalize it as well.

It helps teachers and professors to explain the 3-dimensional shapes and geometric figures to their students in a smart classroom. Parents can also use this as a learning tool for their kids.

3D pens can be used as an excellent platform to create a passion for ARTS.

These pens are not only used to create cool projects but also in the professional fields as well.

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Consider these features before you pick the best 3D pens

Are 3D pens are safe to use?

As mentioned above, the basic plastic filaments used in a 3D pen are of 2 types PLA and ABS. 

There are many different filament types but PLA and ABS are commonly used plastic filaments. Most of the 3D pens are compatible with both these filaments.

PLA filaments are processed from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. PLA filaments are non-toxic and odorless when it melts. It is considered safer by the 3D print experts.

PLA filaments are non-toxic and odorless when it melts.

So, 3D pens are safe to use when you use PLA filaments.

Also, as mentioned earlier, 3D pen heats up and melts the filament at the tip of the nozzle. Kids should be careful and do not touch at the nozzle.

Some 3D pens come with finger protectors, Kids should use finger protectors to avoid unexpected burning.

No clogging

Before you buy a 3D pen, it’s better to check the product specified with anti-clogging. There are 2 possibilities for clogging like

When the material was forced to pull out when it returned causes clogging

If the filament head is not cut flat, it may lead to clogging.

3D pens with ceramic nozzle and advanced or premium motor prevent clogging gives smooth extruding at the same time.

The price range for 3D pens: Most of the 3D pens are costing between $30 to $100.

>$100 considered as costly/premium  

$30 to $100 is medium and best for regular use

<$30 can be considered as a low price for 3D pens. It may not have an important feature.

We have rounded up some of the best 3D pens for kids and adults.

This is one of the best 3D pens for kids 5-year+

 3D printer pens help kids to improve their practical ability to create toys, objects, or cartoons on their own imagination.

Sunfuny 3D pen is kid-friendly, yet having adult supervision is the right choice.

This 3D pen is comfortable to hold and shaped fast with non-toxic PLA filament at the same time it is compatible with ABS filament too.

It has a functional button control, which is easy to unload and load the filament with the same side button. The auto-shutoff and auto sleep function makes it a great choice for kids in terms of safety.

3doodler create is also a great choice to pick. Featured with improved power, durability, and reliability for a super doodling experience. You can also get an interactive experience with 3d doodler app, which is available for iOS and Android platforms.

It is easy to use in simple steps:

Just plug the 3D pen

Insert 3doodler create plastic

Wait for the pen to heat up

Then you are good to extrude!

This 3D pen is compatible with 3doodler create3mmPLA, ABS, and flex plastic.

It ensures safety because it is made with the non-toxic plastic filament.

best 3d printing pen for kids |

This 3D pen is suitable for the kids 8 years and up.

Easy to use, featured with one button control to load or unload the filament

They provided with a convenient option when coming to power source the USB port power supply can be charged by mobile power bank, or with a computer, laptop.

This 3D pen is compatible with both  PLA and ABS plastic filaments.

It is convenient to clean, as well.

 It comes with Adjustable temperatures and speed, which includes 3 printing temperature modes and speed modes like low, medium, and high, you can choose the appropriate settings for the painting.

The advanced LCD screen helps you monitor the temperature of a material and extrusion speed as well.

best 3d printing pen for kids |

It could be the best gift for your kids to improve their artistic skills. Great for kids to make cool drawings and art projects.

This 3D pen is more suitable for beginners. It had an auto-sleep function, and 2 finger protectors avoid hurting while use that adds more safety for kids.

They also provided with instructions to avoid nozzle jam.

Also, have adjustable temperatures and speeds to create an excellent 3D drawing model.

Following are Major features:

Featured with one button control for drawing as easy as writing

Adjustable Temperature/Speed: 2 printing temperature and speed modes adjustable

LCD screen: lets you monitor the temperature of material and extrusion speed

Supports both PLA and ABS filaments.

It is a professional-grade 3D print pen. This pen is well designed to fit in the hands of both rights and left-handed people.

It is recommended for the kids 5 years and up but also it is an excellent 3D pen for adults too

Supports both PLA and ABS filaments

You can use this 3D pen to create amazing 3D masterpieces because of its 8 level speed control and adjustable temperature design.

The ceramic nozzle design helps for accurate and stable extruding.

The OLED displays the temperature and the types of material you’re using(ABS or PLA).

It comes with 2 finger protectors to cover your thumb and index finger to avoid hurting during use.

Kids should use a 3D pen under adult supervision as the tip of the pen will become hot while working.

This 3D pen is applicable for kids 5 years and up and for beginners,3D enthusiasts as well.

Easy to use and had an option of adjustable temperature and speed along with LCD display.

It comes with 12 color PLA filaments along with abundant 3D pen accessories.

It ensures safety for kids by adding features like nozzle patent and the dual heat dissipation feature – which prevents from burnt during use.

kids love to use this 3D pen due to its color and cartoon design

Easy to use, compatible with both PLA and ABS Filaments

With aviation class glazed porcelain nozzle and high-quality motor, allow the filament to squirt smoothly and steadily, and effectively reduce the congestion & noise problem.

Package including a 3D pen, a pen holder, a power adapter, a USB cable, 2 finger protectors, a shovel, 118ft PLA filament, and drawing stencils.

Doodling is fun with this 3D doodler create, you can have a super doodling experience with this pen featured with improving power, durability, and reliability

Easy to use, the pack includes 75 refills of 15 different colors with a bonus stencil book.